Our Activities

The Young ah Seong Laboratory was established in April 2023 at the Department of System Design, Faculty of Engineering and Design, Hosei University. Based on the concept of affective design, we will expand activities in various industrial, research, and artistic fields, including interaction design, UX design, service design, media art, and speculative art.

What is Affective Design?

Emotions change through interactions between human beings as well as between human beings and objects. The goal of the Seong Laboratory is to capture changes in emotions through interactions and to design interactions that incorporate the emotional experience. We promote research to create new values by exploring the understanding and design of emotional experience from various perspectives. This includes basic research on soft robots that can interact directly with people, and lifelogging technology that records the atmosphere of a place. It also includes methods for designing affection for objects by giving them autonomy, and workshop design that raises awareness.

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