Sanous flos

A human sign transmitter that uses the movement of a flower’s bloom as a metaphor


Mikiko Kato, Young ah Seong, Kozo Sato


The online environment has accelerated dramatically since 2020 due to the impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), and communication using teleconferencing systems and other methods is increasing. Although teleconferencing systems are an efficient method of communicating information, it is difficult to convey even the subtle signs that are felt in everyday life. A presence is considered to be an important element for understanding each other’s activities and atmosphere, especially in group activities. The purpose of this study is to develop a device that can transmit the presence of people in remote areas, and we focused on the movement of flower blossoms as a method of expression. In this paper, as a basic study, we report the results of an investigation into the possibility of conveying the presence of a group of people in a remote location through the movement of flowers, including an investigation of problems caused by the lack of presence online, an investigation of elements that can sense a presence, and an investigation of the relationship between flower movement and presence based on rhetorical techniques. We also implemented and investigated optimal flower shapes and blooming movements using air-powered pouch motors.


Mikiko Kato, Young ah Seong, Kozo Sato, “A basic study of a human presence transmitter using the movement of flower blooming as a metaphor,” Interaction 2022, 1D-08 (2022.3) (Won the Interactive Presentation Award (general nomination))


Interaction 2022 Interactive Presentation Awards (General Nomination) (2022.3)


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